2006 Rave Awards

As a 53 year old “World of Warcraft” regular player I felt a lot better when I read a paragraph from the Wired “2006 Rave Awards”  … particularly these words World of Warcraft is a glimpse into our future“.  That didnt make me so guilty aboot the hours I spend on the game.

“The quality and the popularity of World of Warcraft has propelled MMORPGs from a subculture into the mainstream; some call it the new golf. But it’s more than that: World of Warcraft
is millions of people with diverse backgrounds collaborating,
socializing, and learning while having fun. What we’re experiencing
with this game is similar to the “adhocracy” of many successful open
source software projects. It represents the future of real-time
collaborative teams and leadership in an always-on,
diversity-intensive, real-time environment. World of Warcraft is a glimpse into our future.”

Wired Magazine Issue 14.06