A new website from igi publishing makes it easy for authors to get published.

They also have some helpful hints.
One of them about file preparation follows ..

“It’s the critical moment in every publishing project: Hitting that big “Send File” button (metaphorically, of course). That moment signals the official transfer of your beloved project from you to your publishing partner, and naturally you want to be sure your files have been properly prepared.

If you’re preparing your own layout files for your project, there are many details to remember before you fire off those files. To that end, here are a few tips to help ensure that your moment of file transfer is one of relief and not worry:

Don’t Forget the Fonts –
One of the most commonly-overlooked element of file preparation is the handling of fonts. The fonts you see in layout programs such as Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign aren’t sufficient for high-quality printing; these are simply “screen” fonts. Your publisher will require a Printer version of the font to use on press. Keep in mind that screen and printer versions of every font you use in a document – including bold and italicized versions – must be sent to your publisher along with your layout files.

If you will be creating PDF files to send, all fonts will need to be embedded using the full Adobe Acrobat software program. The Embed All Fonts selection is reached differently depending on your Acrobat version and operating
system, so ask IGI Publishing if you need help embedding fonts in your PDF files.

Include a Hard Copy –
The simplest, fastest way to ensure your books and other materials are produced within your schedule is to supply us with a hard-copy sample of your work. This is particularly important for books, as we need to verify proper layout, pagination, placement of photos and other details. A simple laser-printed sample will usually suffice.

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