Crowdfunding’s Blog Radio Host Doug Atkin interviews ASSOB’s Paul Niederer

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Investor, analyst, Blog Radio host and senior industry executive Doug Atkin takes a look at how technology and crowdfunding are changing Wall Street. He travels the country to talk to key players in the sector, discovers new businesses based on this funding model, and is joined by some of the financial and tech industry’s leading experts to discuss the impact that crowd-sourced financing is having on people’s lives and the global economy.

In this Blog Radio interview Doug Atkin interviews Paul Niederer on the differences between Crowdfunding for Accredited investors, Unaccredited investors and a mixture of both.

Crowdfunding and Fraud is also covered.

While the Australian market for crowdfunding is in a state of change from a regulatory point of view it is home to Australia’s the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform, ASSOB. ASSOB has been running it’s equity crowdfunding platform since 2005 and has raised $136 million for over 300 companies. The ASSOB technology has been licensed to the U.S. where it will operate under the brand name.

This hands on experience and track record over the past nine years means that Paul Niederer has valuable insights from running a platform on a day to day basis.

From the Crowd to the Cloud. How Technology is Changing The Way Investors Manage and Save Their Money. Hosted by Doug Atkin.  Doug Atkin interviews ASSOB’s Paul Niederer.

You can listen to the interview here!