A day in the life of a google!

I’ve often wonered whether the constant strung of new products from Google have any real context to them or not. I gained some great context from Shrikant Joshi a fellow Performancer. He reckons that “one fine day, if they choose to bring all services (the old ones, the current and the new ones) under one umbrella, then this is what your typical day might look like:

7 AM. Wake up. Ready yourself for your daily work. Breakfast.
8 AM. Check Google Mail. Add client appointment(s) directly into Google
Calendar. Check Google Traffic* for driving conditions and consult
Google Maps for best route. Drive to Work.
9 AM. Reach Work. Open Gtalk. Your Calendar settings have been imported and all your
appointments have been sent automatic reminder mails/notices about your
meetings. Check your Gmail. Collaborate on Software Requirement
Specifications and make changes with your colleague in Australia and
save it immediately.
10 AM. Create a presentation for your Client
meet using GPres* along with the same colleague in Australia.
Simultaneously tabulate all the requisite data, draw up some quick
formulae with the help of your colleague in Europe. Voila! Google
Spreadsheet is ready with a cost estimate instantly!
11 PM. Client is online. (Need we mention free WiFi, here?) Hold a webmeeting with
your client using Gtalk and conduct a video conference simultaneously.
Close the deal and send a link to the already drawn up MoU and NDA
along with the cost estimate that you just ruffled up with your
colleague in Australia
1 PM. Open Google Search. Look for birthday
Gifts for kids under ten years with a special interest in Pokemon. Find
appropriate Gift. Pay using GMoney* and get it delivered instantly to
your Office.
2 PM. Lunch Break
3 PM. Repeat steps 3 to 5
6 PM. Check your Gmail. Check for Google Calendar reminders/notices. Check Google Traffic* and Google Maps again. Drive home.

(*Coming Soon to a Browser near you. Please submit your eMail address for a special beta preview invite.)”

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