A Second Chance at Life

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft (for leisure) for pretty much for a year and a half now.

My son Tom originally said to me “Dad you know in the old days how Dads & Sons used to go fishing and camping, well now they get a character on World of Warcraft and go out and quest and go in to battle together.”

In World of Warcraft I have a character called “Morrell” who is a “hunter” and has achieved “level 56” a huge achievment for me. He has a pet called Rosebud and lots of gear etc. I can even get people in China to farm gold for me and pay them through paypal for the gold which I use to buy new strengths, clothes, armour and weapons.

This virtual world of mine is very much part of my life and recently my brother pointed out Second Life to me. This is also a virtual world. Here you can get a second chance at life. If you want to be a playboy with a powerboat, living on the river in luxury and going out clubbing every night you can!

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