Blogging is Self-Publishing

David Warlick, an education consultant in North Raleigh, has published a book through a traditional publisher and published a book through Lulu.

His royalties for the Lulu book, “Classroom
Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to the Blogosphere
,” were 40 percent
higher. In addition, the Lulu book sold more copies in its first year
and Warlick liked having total control of the book.

Link to his book here!

worked through a publisher, I didn’t have input on the layout,” Warlick
said. “I didn’t have input on the cover. I was urged to include
information in the book I didn’t entirely agree with. It turned out to
be a better book … but it wasn’t the book that I intended.”

Warlick also writes a blog, or Web log, and is considering turning it into a book that he would self-publish through Lulu.