Cafe Press supports Australian Band

Self-publishing can extend to T-shirts as well. A Australian badn has handed its merchandise distributon  over to Cafe Press.

Signal Room Reaches Out – Australian Rock Band Uses to Reach International Fan Base

Signal Room, the Australian rock band born on the set of cult science-fiction TV hit Farscape, recently embraced as the way to satisfy their fans’ requests for band-related merchandise.

Based in Sydney, Signal Room is self-publishing a new CD. The financial investment merchandise sales usually require in production, inventory and shipping, and the back-office technology to support it, was out of the question. Enter Their capability for one-off production of t-shirts and other merchandise keeps the band from having to maintain an inventory in various styles and sizes and eliminates the risk that they may be left with unsold goods.

At, Signal Room is able to accept credit cards and ship inexpensively to Europe and the U.S., home to the majority of the band’s fans. “It’s a huge hassle dealing with payments in different currencies and shipping from Australia to anywhere,” admits Stephen Edwards, the band’s guitarist.