Future Events where Paul is speaking

Paul Niederer speaks internationally on Small Business Growth and Funding,  Collaborative Investment and Equity / Investor / ICO Crowdsales and Crowdfunding and Investor Compliance.

Here is an overview of present and past events where Paul has or is speaking.


2017 September   >TOOWOOMBA> 28th  SEPTEMBER

Collaborative Investment & Financing Trends 

A Panel discussion together with Charles Sturt University
and the CSIRO. The panel discussion will be facilitated by 
Belinda Sanders from ABC Regional radio.

Some previous events Paul has spoken at:



2017 September   >London> 11th  SEPTEMBER

International Experts present views to the UK Parliament 

A panel session in the UK Parliament chaired by Barry Sheerman MP
and the chair of the APPG on Crowdfunding and Small Business 
Growth. Topics covered included Crowdfunding, ICO's and Gender
achievements in Crowdfunding raises where females outperform 
males by 50% or more.




ECOtourism Conference 

WORLD Tourism leaders attended the first ecotourism
conference. Paul Niederer spoke on the topic of funding 
and growing sustainable tourist businesses
... info



IMPACT National Conference 2016 >

IMPACT Social Enterprise holds a national
conference in August each year for young 
innovators around the country to come 
together and engage with the idea of 
social enterprise. We introduce participants 
to the knowledge and skills required for 
tackling social problems with business 
models and innovation, and support these 
young people as they develop enterprises.

... info



A One Day Event comprising of an educational 
session and a practical session that 
includes a hackathon.
... info

2016 March   >BRISBANE> 31st  MARCH


Transforming Passion into Action.
DRIVE is a student leadership conference 
that will be held on the 30th – 31th March
 2016, built around a theme of moving 
students from passion to action. 
Based on your incredible work with 
collaborative funding and crowdfunding 
platforms and particularly deep knowledge 
of how to make a business idea look 
interesting and worth funding. info

2016 MARCH   >BRISBANE> 21st March


The No.1 entrepreneur event series in the world with events in 8 cities, attended by over 10,000 entrepreneurs, with a reach to over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in 50 countries.
... info

2016 March   >Brisbane> 10th March

1849 MASHUP – Finding Investment For Social Enterprises >

A chance to contribute to the Social Enterprise environment in Brisbane.
Come for an informal group discussion with leaders and contributors in this space in Little Tokyo Two's Substation at Petrie Terrace.
We have a number of very high profile investors and mentors coming to help social enterprises and social entrepreneurs over the hurdles they are facing, both financial and otherwise.
This is the first chapter of an ongoing conversation which we hope will establish Brisbane as the hub for all things social !!
... info


Crowdfunding opportunities and compliance in china >

Several presentations to both people wanting to raise capital
 in China and those wanting to build a regulatory regime.
... info


2015 October   > Brussels > 20th to 24th October

Crowdsourcing Week European Conference >

‘Now in its second edition, Europe's crowd conference explores the best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across all industries.’
... info

2015 October   > Bathurst > 19th October

SEGRA – Regional Collaborative Investment Summit >

‘Australia's first National Summit on Collaborative Investment.’
... info

2015 OCTOBER  > WEALTH MOVEMENT 2015 – SOUTh AFRICA > 8TH and 9th OCTOBER #WealthMovement 2015 >

#WEALTHMOVEMENT brings you together with leading local and global entrepreneurs and investors for two days of knowledge sharing and debate.
... info

2015 September  > Webcast – New York > 24th September

Mitigating Fraud in Crowdfinance>

‘Webinar viewers will learn how to identify red flags before deploying capital on equity crowdfunding or marketplace lending platforms as well as gain an understanding of “Investor Commanded Transparency”. ’
... info

2015 September   > Brisbane > 8th to 11th September

EDA National Economic Development Conference >

‘Future Proofing Australia, It’s Time to Re-think Everything!’
... info

2015 August   > Brisbane > 20th August

Crowd Funding Institute of Australia – Brisbane Chapter >

"Learn about pledge-based, equity-based & real estate crowdfunding" 
... info

2015 July  > Beijing > 25th July

Beijing Crowdfund Summit >

Keynote: Equity Crowdfunding and Venture Capitalism. 
Hosted by Public financing China Federation of CFCS (Crowdfund China Society)
Special Co-organizer
The value of China Network; Beijing Foreign Studies University International Business School
International Collaboration Unit: US House Financial professional associations; EU Public Financial Network Organization; Asia Public Financial Association; British public financial associations; Israel all financial associations; Australia Public Financial Society; Canadian National Public Financial Association 
domestic cooperative units: Internet + hundred people will; Internet banking will be thousands of people
Academic support institutions
Emerging Cambridge Center for Financial Research
Center for China and Globalization
Tencent Research Center for Internet and Society
... info

2015 July   > Sydney > 23rd July

Collaborative Investment Roundtable >

"The Collaborative Investment Roundtable was initiated by RDA Sydney and SEGRA Foundation Ltd as part of a broad national conversation to consider the growing usage of collaborative financing methods and how this can encourage more private sector involvement in national and regionally significant projects.
The round table focussed on what is necessary to ensure this new sector grows positively and generates sustainable employment and economic development in Australia. The discussions helped shape the key conversations at the inaugural Regional Collaborative Investment Summit to be held at Bathurst in October 2015 as well as provide feedback to Federal Programs such as the National Stronger Regions Fund. 
The Facilitator: The Collaborative Investment Roundtable was chaired by Paul Niederer, one of the world's leading authorities on equity based crowdfunding investment. Paul Niederer is one of the world's leading authorities on equity based crowdfunding investment. Paul speaks internationally on Collaborative Investment and has run a collaborative funding platform in Australia called ASSOB that has funded over 300 projects. He has personally been involved in over $60 million of transactions with 80 different companies seeking capital. Paul was named in the Top Ten of the World's Most Influential in Equity Crowdfunding in 2013. 
... info

2015 April   > Singapore > 20th to 24th April

Crowdsourcing Week April 2015>

"The Global Status of Crowdfunding" 
... info 



ASSOB Seminars >

2014 October   > Sydney > 30th October

ASSOB "How to Raise Funds powered by ASSOB" 
... info

2014 October   > Melbourne > 29th October

ASSOB "How to Raise Funds powered by ASSOB" 
... info

2014 October   > Las Vegas > 23rd to 25th October

Crowdfunding Bootcamp >

Where do investors really come from? 
Learn how to blend unaccredited and accredited investor raises with a social proof strategy that every issuer needs to know. 
... info

2014 October   > San Francisco> 16th to 17th October

CFGE: Crowdfund Banking and Lending Summit >

The Investors Panel: The Benefits of Private Debt Lending and Crowdfunding Investing. Strategies for Effectively Investing with and Partnering with Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms
... info

2014 September   > Brisbane >

Australasian Interim Executive Association >

"How Crowdfunding can benefit every organisation"
Victoria Park Golf Complex
18th September 2014."
... info

2014 September   > Sydney >

Initiate 2: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit >

"Crowdfunding as a source of finance"
"Crowdfunding Equity & Loans"
State Library
Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
8th September 2014."
... info

2014 September   > Brisbane >

The Honourable Campbell Newman MP Premier of Queensland presents “Collaborate to Innovate” >

"Fundraising for Innovation" 
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Merivale Street. 
South Brisbane Queensland 
4th September 2014."
... info

2014 September   > Brisbane >

Queensland Small Business Week. Are you a Small Business Tiger? >

"How Small Business can use Crowdfunding"
 Room Three Sixty, QUT Precinct, Gardens Point,Brisbane.
 1st September 2014."
 ... info

2014 August   > Singapore >

Crowdfunding Asia Summit in Singapore >

"Entrepreneurship and Crowdfunding" 
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre 
4th – 5th August 2014." 
... info

2014 July   > Sydney >

CSEF – Crowd sourced equity funding seminar – Friday 25 July 2014 – NSW State Library >

Commercial Law Association of Australia Ltd
... info

2014 July   > Singapore >

Expo for Property Investing & Crowdfunding 2014 >

"EPIC connects developers who are look for financing of between 
$ 1 million and $5 million to both professional and private 
investors as well as provides real estate stakeholders updates 
and happenings in the real estate industry. ." 
... info

2014 April   > Singapore >

Crowdsourcing Week April 2014> Singapore >

"The Global Status of Crowdfunding" 
... info 

2014 April  > Brisbane >

Brisbane Polo Club

"Raising Money; a high tec project in the midst of 
constantly shifting economic sands" 
... info

2014 February   > Italy >

INSME Academy>

How Small Businesses Can Embrace Crowdfunding for Success!” … info

2013 Novemeber> Gold Coast >
CFO on Call – 2013 Annual Conference> “Equity Crowdfunding” … info
2013 October
> Las Vegas > 
Crowdfunding Bootcamp > 
"Seven years of Crowdfunding in Australia: the keys to small equity success" 
... info
2013 September
> Durban > 
WASME 19th International Conference on SMEs > 18-21 September> 
"Equity Crowdfunding" 
... info 
2013 August
> Orlando > 
Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum>  08-09 August 2013> 
"Fraud and the Crowd" 
... info
> Singapore > 
Crowdsourcing Week  03-07 June 2013> 
"Equity Crowdfunding" 
... info
2013 May


> Melbourne >
KCA Masterclass  01 May 2013 > 
"Alternative Funding Strategies" 
... info
2013 February
> Amsterdam > 
February 14th, 2013, ABN AMRO headquarters, Amsterdam Informal Investors Day 2013 >
"Equity Raises on the ASSOB Equity Funding Platform, Successes, Failures, Statistics and Lessons" 
...  info


2012 December
> Brisbane > 
ASSOB "How to Raise Funds powered by ASSOB" 
... info
2012 November
> Cairns > 
Tropical Innovation Awards > 
"Smart Money for Bright Ideas" 
... info
> Sydney > 
Segra > 
"Keeping it Local: coordinating local and regional development funding" 
... info
> Sydney / Melbourne > 
"How to Raise Funds powered by ASSOB" 
... info
2012 October
> Melbourne > 
CPA Congress > 
"Online crowd funding, a new trend to raise capital" 
... info
> Sydney > 
CPA Congress > 
"Online crowd funding, a new trend to raise capital" 
... info
2012 September
> Sydney > 
Transition Sydney > 
"Where to find investors for local projects and businesses" 
... info
2012 May
> Sydney > 
Eco Innovation Forum > 
"Eco Innovation Investing" 
... info
2011 August
> Sydney / Melbourne > 
Trading & Investing Seminars > 
"Raising Capital: How to get the money you need from alternative sources" 
... info
2011 June
> Gold Coast > 
Australian Chambers Business Congress > 
"Financing growth in tough times" 
... info
2011 April
> Sydney > 
Kochie's Business Builders > 
"Getting your bank to say “Yes” and how to tap alternative sources of funding" 
... info

Paul Niederer has spoken at many other events, especially those that are focussed on helping startup or early stage growth businesses raise capital. With the intense interest in the “Jobs Act” in the USA, Paul, as one of the World’s leading authorities on Investor Crowdfunding relishes the chance to support others reach their objectives in this area.