Capital Underdogs

, Capital Underdogs
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Capital Underdogs are businesses that need capital or private investors (private equity) and havent been able to find it.

My blog at has plenty of valuable advice for businesses in this situation.

From reading and deciding upon hundreds of Capital Raising Applications I see Venture Funding as based around 7 stages …

1) Evaluating – Could the business raise capital
2) Preparing – Getting the business Investor Ready
3) Discovery – Finding information to support the capital raising
4) Building – Getting the story, events, credibility and lists straight
5) Telling – Spreading the story far and wide
6) Collecting – Receiving and distributing the money
7) Delivering – Fulfilling the promises made during fundraising

For the second stage “Preparing – Getting the business Investor Ready

I’ve just written a blog post on the topic.


, Capital Underdogs