Seems like a paradigm shift to me. A bookseller selling groceries. But then it is not any bookseller. Amazom has the system, the customers and I guess a box of cereal is not much different than a book. Since the Grocery Store appeared in beta in late May, more than 200,000 customers have tested it, [...]

Four new from Book Surge.In the book, Lam also describes the minimum spiritual criteria and the necessary steps one must take in order to pass the Final Judgment and be elected for the next stage of human evolution: the Wisdom Era. Filled with messages of hope, reconciliation, love, wisdom, peace, and redemption, The Last Salvation: [...]

Faced with the closing of her publisher, Diane Lau (aka romance author Diana Laurence) chose to create her own publishing house for her existing and future book titles. The results were so successful, Lau decided to document the process and share it with other authors.Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing is available from Living Beyond Reality Press and online ebook [...]

The traditional path through traditional publishers to get your ‘tome’ published is becoming less and less a beaten track. Day by day stories emerge through the media and blogs of authors that have successfully self-published. In the coming weeks I will feature more and more of these stories as this trend aint stopping.A perfect example [...]

Publishers turn to online! Claiming to have no interest in competing with the likes of Amazon, traditional book publishers are nevertheless turning to online retailing themselves. The internet is forcing the industry to rethink its business model.Story here! Book Publishers as E-tailersBusiness angle? Get your own publishing site up now even if you have only [...]