Apple Timeline and Life

Had a glance at the Apple product timeline and on reflection Apple products have been a big part of my life. Apple computer products owned  1979 – NZ – Apple II- used for VISICALC (first spreadsheet) and games sold to Hamilton Jet family 1985 – SING – Apple IIc Plus – Mostly used for games [...]

Seems linking to the iTunes store is going to increase tremendously.Google links to iTunes are now able to top search terms.Only other person I found blogging about this was Theresa Valdez KleiniTunes comes up number one when Christine Aguilera’s number one song “Ain’t No Other Man” is entered into your Google Search bar.Here is the [...]

We store our photos on .mac or Fickr. Our videos find their home on YouTube. Our blogs are stored on .mac, Blogger or a histed WordPress siteNow we can share our spreadsheets. Google.s new spreadsheet may be short on features but it is a pointer to the future. Read more here!Google Spreadsheets has better collaboration [...]

Sweden and Norway have long been ahead in many social and technology trends. Whether it is the comprehensive daycare system or the ability to shop in supermarkets where the customers not only scan the goods themselves but also pay in a machine, these countries often give us a vision of where we are going. The [...]