How to Re-Build the Real Estate or Property Business Worldwide using Blockchain is a question many people are pondering. Worldwide, one guy is way ahead in this area. Scott Picken. Brisbane here is your chance to see him. Scott recently shared his views in London, Dubai, New York and Atlanta. Now it’s Australia’s turn with [...]

The Veronica Mars film crowdfunding raise has added a new “charity” dimension to it’s progress so far.  A recap first though starting with the Kickstarter raise. Kristen Bell’s / Veronica Mars charity raise follows. Story: Veronica Mars was a TV show that aired between 2004 to 2007; Kristen Bell played the title character. The show developed a [...]

Seven Trends That Are Warnings for Publishing Houses and Why Everyone will be an Author and Publisher in the Futureor …How We All Can Be Authors and Publishers!The Internet is rapidly changing the way your customers work and play. The Internet is also enabling anyone with a story or specialty niche to become both an [...]

The Road to HOS

I’ve been following a series of blog posts from Peter Burow.He has written a book called the Human Operating System and the series of blogs he has just finished on Patrons started in September 2006. His last post today ends a mammoth blogging fest with today’s posting “A Final Word on Patrons“His very first post [...]

Steve Outing on Citizen Journalism

In 1993 Steve switched from print journalism to online media. For someone into online journalism so early he is in a good position to reflect on where things are at. Citizen journalism is another word for self-publishing for all of us and the paragraph below from Steve is a good indicator to the future.Online-News: Have [...]

A sign of the times. Penguin dips it’s toe in the blogging pool. Liked their description of what the blog will be about. “an editor will post the latest news from the company: new acquisitions, sneak previews from works in progress of some of Penguin’s best-loved authors, industry gossip and advice on how to get [...]

Nice post on “Self Publish Books about how Lulu is trying exploit the long tail phenomena through technology.I’ve written a few posts on Lulu but this adds a bit more meet to the sandwich.Self Publish Blooks: Divergence of the self-publish business model “Apparently Lulu is trying exploit the long tail phenomena through technology. In traditional [...]

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