Investor, analyst, Blog Radio host and senior industry executive Doug Atkin takes a look at how technology and crowdfunding are changing Wall Street. He travels the country to talk to key players in the sector, discovers new businesses based on this funding model, and is joined by some of the financial and tech industry’s leading [...]

Capital Underdogs are businesses that need capital or private investors (private equity) and havent been able to find it. My blog at has plenty of valuable advice for businesses in this situation. From reading and deciding upon hundreds of Capital Raising Applications I see Venture Funding as based around 7 stages … 1) Evaluating [...]

Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer & Founder of HubSpot wrote a blog post where he reflected his experience to produce 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital. I thought I would take a slightly different approach and rewrite these relative to my experience at the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board. At [...]

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. It is also known as informational social influence. People often make the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or [...]

Seven Trends That Are Warnings for Publishing Houses and Why Everyone will be an Author and Publisher in the Futureor …How We All Can Be Authors and Publishers!The Internet is rapidly changing the way your customers work and play. The Internet is also enabling anyone with a story or specialty niche to become both an [...]

The Road to HOS

I’ve been following a series of blog posts from Peter Burow.He has written a book called the Human Operating System and the series of blogs he has just finished on Patrons started in September 2006. His last post today ends a mammoth blogging fest with today’s posting “A Final Word on Patrons“His very first post [...]

Steve Outing on Citizen Journalism

In 1993 Steve switched from print journalism to online media. For someone into online journalism so early he is in a good position to reflect on where things are at. Citizen journalism is another word for self-publishing for all of us and the paragraph below from Steve is a good indicator to the future.Online-News: Have [...]

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