Organise your RSS feeds and Everything else!

In the middle of Alex Barnett’s blog entry on “Statcrunching” is the mention of Netvibes Anything that grows at the rate that Alex has captured is worth looking at. In terms of easily getting an overview of where my life is at I use …. iCal on the Mac for calendar Technorati for Bookmarks Apple’s …

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Is eMail equal to Snail mail for teenagers!

I’ve had a few previous posts on this topic. How MySpace Works My kids don’t use eMail! The following article also points out something I have learned from my kids … “It’s just too weird to communicate with your parents on MySpace.” | 06/18/2006 | For teens, e-mail may be snail mail

Great headline!

Loved this headline… Don’t Vote For Us As Best Search Marketing Blog At MarketingSherpa! Its a great contest, and if you scan the list you will see there some great blogs there. Read Danny Sullivan’s post, subscribe to his feed, we do! You need to keep up to date with where search engines are at. …

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How MySpace Works

A few readers have asked how MySpace works. Having a 21 year old daughter I’m amazed at how she comes in the front door when she comes home, turns right into the office and checks who has left comments on “her MySpace”. Having recently had her 21st birthday she has the video of it up …

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Open Source Journalism

Clyde Bentley,is an innovator and evangelist for what is often called citizen journalism. Some prefer the term “participatory journalism,” “open source journalism” or even just plain “journalism.” No matter what you call it, in practice it involves people of all ages and interests collecting, writing and publishing news, usually online, by and for themselves. He …

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Blogging is Self-Publishing

David Warlick, an education consultant in North Raleigh, has published a book through a traditional publisher and published a book through Lulu. His royalties for the Lulu book, “Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to the Blogosphere,” were 40 percent higher. In addition, the Lulu book sold more copies in its first year and Warlick liked …

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