Blog becomes film!

We’ve had a few blogs that been made in to books. Now we have one that is being made into a film. The Baghdad Blog, the daily dispatches penned by the Iraqi architect known as Salam Pax, is to be turned into a film. Powered by Qumana  

Amazon’s Book Surge fuels Self-Publishing

The traditional path through traditional publishers to get your ‘tome’ published is becoming less and less a beaten track. Day by day stories emerge through the media and blogs of authors that have successfully self-published. In the coming weeks I will feature more and more of these stories as this trend aint stopping. A perfect …

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1998 all over again!

A while a go a good blogger Ed Dale posted a great article on the boom happening again. Business week now have an article that looks at what is happening in Silicon Vallley. Well worth reading! If you are building your own on-line business through Blogging or whatever it pays to reflect a bit …

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Blooks come of age with Lulu Blooker Prize

Blooks come of age with Lulu Blooker Prize Lulu announces the Short-List for the Lulu Blooker Prize, the world’s first literary prize devoted to “blooks”: books based on blogs or websites.“Blooks are the latest landmark in the history of books,” says Bob Young, CEO of Lulu. Loretta Dillon, crime buff, essayist, and musician from Cleveland, …

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Paid to Blog!

Paid to Blog! When you read the article below you will realise how important it is to become a FINANCIALLY Independant Self-Publisher. My take on these columnists is that in the future ther will be bloggers! Hawking their wares to an interested audience. Newspapers will become mor and more general and could in fact just …

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