Capital Raising

Equity Crowdfunding Daniel Isenberg, Professor of Management Practice at Babson Global has written a controversial article for the Harvard Business Review titled “The Road to Crowdfunding Hell” He builds his article around 4 main points: Equity Crowdfunding is based on inappropriate extrapolations from other similar-appearing activities, such as donation crowdfunding. Purchasing equity (stock) in early stage ventures is [...]

Reading Bob Gottliebsen’s article on investing in shares in Business Spectator should have got you thinking. To an investor what does”Investing Productively” mean? Bob picked up the theme of my talk based on a blog post on capitalunderdogs which was that investing by individuals today is predominantly driven by charts, numbers, spreadsheets and stock picking software [...]

If any of you have attended my capital raising seminars over the years you will have experienced the strong shift towards obtaining investors through people discovered during “Discovery Sessions”. Discovery sessions are intensive sessions where followers of the business, founders or technology can be uncovered. Crowdfunding is leading the way here and in effect ASSOB [...]

Fringe moments

  Loved this article from StartupSmart Six degrees of investor separation That fringe moment at the end of each meeting. Maybe as you open the car door to go. “Look I’ll get back to you” they say…. but “You should really meet X”. Recognising that signal is worth gold! OK so maybe they feel guilty [...]

This week I shared the stage with the Green Leader Bob Brown at the 10th Australian Sustainability Awards. Ethical Investment was why everyone was there apart from the excellent menu which featured organically grown fare. Paddy Manning a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald reported well on it, picking up on my phrase “It takes passion [...]

Had a great visit to Scottsdale Arizona in mid October to join 450 others at Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Workshop. I’ve reported on the business side of things here. It was a great venue with three very intense days. What was special was that the majority of people were experienced with using the Product [...]

Capital Underdogs are businesses that need capital or private investors (private equity) and havent been able to find it. My blog at has plenty of valuable advice for businesses in this situation. From reading and deciding upon hundreds of Capital Raising Applications I see Venture Funding as based around 7 stages … 1) Evaluating [...]

Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer & Founder of HubSpot wrote a blog post where he reflected his experience to produce 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital. I thought I would take a slightly different approach and rewrite these relative to my experience at the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board. At [...]

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