The CCIV and Asset Tokenisation

My focus of late has been totally on the CCIV and Asset Tokenisation. The CCIV is the new Australian corporate investment vehicle called the “Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle”. Tokenized Assets Tokenised Assets are any assets that can be divided into fractions to satisfy multiple owners. Tokenisation of artworks and digital trading cards were the first …

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Random thoughts on CCIVs

It’s early days. Not many people have heard about CCIVs. And if they have, it seems something that is not really relative to what they are doing now. Especially incumbents that support the funds’ management business. The Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle is a new framework for the regulation of financial services provided by the CCIV and …

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The new CCIV Australian Investment Entity

There is a new CCIV Australian Investment Entity. Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle. It follows the pedigree of already successful similar vehicles in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Ireland. This entity will be a game-changer, but it may take a while for the incumbent players to embrace it as there is considerable money and expertise invested …

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