So Auntie Madge has a bit of money. You have a brilliant idea that needs funding. Madge is not so savvy about startups but she loves your story, your enthusiasm (and you) and hands over her $10,000. supposedly for equity. Other than hope … what does she get in return. And how do you feel? Over [...]

This post is inspired by a quote from Dr Richard Swart. He is a globally recognized authority on crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and crowdfund investing. He directs the University of California, Berkeley research program studying crowdfunding and innovation. Recently he hosted an event where five years of statistics from the ASSOB equity crowdfunding platform were presented in the form [...]

Dharmesh Shah, Chief Technology Officer & Founder of HubSpot wrote a blog post where he reflected his experience to produce 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital. I thought I would take a slightly different approach and rewrite these relative to my experience at the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board. At [...]

Was “Australia Day” here yesterday and I got thinking about how so many ventures are dependant upon funding from friends, family and fans to get to the next level. Many people say friends, family and fools. Which got me thinking. How can someone with a business opportunity needing early stage funding from private equity or [...]

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. It is also known as informational social influence. People often make the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or [...]

Here is another example of a Self-publishing success with MySpace.TIME Europe Magazine: Jul. 31, 2006 — Reasons to Be Cheerful – 1 A handful of free tracks posted on Allen’s page on virtual community MySpace has garnered almost 3 million listens. “Obviously I’m really grateful for MySpace and what it’s done for me,” says Allen, [...]

Reading this article on Virtual Business one wonders if the age old “penname” may eventually morph in to an Avatar. Maybe all of us will have a virtual presence that is an Avatar!Marketing to us will depend on which particular space we are in at the time.Virtual Business » Blog Archive » Marketing to Avatars

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