Great headline!

Loved this headline… Don’t Vote For Us As Best Search Marketing Blog At MarketingSherpa!Its a great contest, and if you scan the list you will see there some great blogs there.Read Danny Sullivan’s post, subscribe to his feed, we do! You need to keep up to date with where search engines are at.Just today I [...]

A few readers have asked how MySpace works. Having a 21 year old daughter I’m amazed at how she comes in the front door when she comes home, turns right into the office and checks who has left comments on “her MySpace”. Having recently had her 21st birthday she has the video of it up [...]

We store our photos on .mac or Fickr. Our videos find their home on YouTube. Our blogs are stored on .mac, Blogger or a histed WordPress siteNow we can share our spreadsheets. Google.s new spreadsheet may be short on features but it is a pointer to the future. Read more here!Google Spreadsheets has better collaboration [...]

Wireless networks just keep getting stronger. Telcos used be so secure in the knowledge that they owned the wires. But this data is not travelling down the wires!Qualcomm Successfully Transmits VoIP over EV-DO Wireless Network » Telecommunications Industry News

Sweden and Norway have long been ahead in many social and technology trends. Whether it is the comprehensive daycare system or the ability to shop in supermarkets where the customers not only scan the goods themselves but also pay in a machine, these countries often give us a vision of where we are going. The [...]

I’ve often wonered whether the constant strung of new products from Google have any real context to them or not. I gained some great context from Shrikant Joshi a fellow Performancer. He reckons that “one fine day, if they choose to bring all services (the old ones, the current and the new ones) under one [...]

Great article and book! Brief summary below but read the lot here Why the world is now flat – JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM THOMAS L Friedman’s is entitled, The World is Flat. Flattener No 1: When the walls came down and the Windows went up Flattener No 2: When Netscape went public, Flattener No 3: Work Flow Software [...]

Open Source Journalism

Clyde Bentley,is an innovator and evangelist for what is often called citizen journalism. Some prefer the term “participatory journalism,” “open source journalism” or even just plain “journalism.” No matter what you call it, in practice it involves people of all ages and interests collecting, writing and publishing news, usually online, by and for themselves. He [...]

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