Attention and proposed regulatory changes are only being focussed on one half of equity crowdfunding’s potential. Sadly, this was once again clearly the case in today’s Australian Financial Review. “Start-ups told to grow up and respect investors in crowd equity funding row” reportedly by High-profile start-up investor Steve Baxter $5 million raises, Public Companies, AFSL intermediaries were touted [...]

2006 Rave Awards

As a 53 year old “World of Warcraft” regular player I felt a lot better when I read a paragraph from the Wired “2006 Rave Awards”  … particularly these words “World of Warcraft is a glimpse into our future“.  That didnt make me so guilty aboot the hours I spend on the game.“The quality and [...]

I’ve had a few previous posts on this topic.How MySpace WorksMy kids don’t use eMail!The following article also points out something I have learned from my kids …“It’s just too weird to communicate with your parents on MySpace.” | 06/18/2006 | For teens, e-mail may be snail mail

What a paradigm shift! We are all becoming authors. With every blog post, with every photo stream, with podcasts. “Many elements of society have come together at this time to make self publishing possible. Most people have home computers to write their books on, the industry has created high-speed digital printers and the Internet means [...]

John GANTZ told delegates at IDC’s Expo and Forum in Boston that they had better adapt to accelerating change or dissapear. He goes on to point out three specific challenges ahead of them.“The first challenge is posed from the convergence of the World Wide Web and the telephone network, which he said will create a [...]

We store our photos on .mac or Fickr. Our videos find their home on YouTube. Our blogs are stored on .mac, Blogger or a histed WordPress siteNow we can share our spreadsheets. Google.s new spreadsheet may be short on features but it is a pointer to the future. Read more here!Google Spreadsheets has better collaboration [...]

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