Here is another example of a Self-publishing success with MySpace.TIME Europe Magazine: Jul. 31, 2006 — Reasons to Be Cheerful – 1 A handful of free tracks posted on Allen’s page on virtual community MySpace has garnered almost 3 million listens. “Obviously I’m really grateful for MySpace and what it’s done for me,” says Allen, [...]

Great way to get your songs out there. Look at Jessica below. 65,000 people have downloaded her song from MySpace and now she is to be featured in a book! Great Self-Publishing effort. The Frederick News-Post Jessica has received so many song plays on MySpace (over 65,000), she will be featured in John Pospisil’s book, [...]

Self-publishing can extend to T-shirts as well. A Australian badn has handed its merchandise distributon  over to Cafe Press.Signal Room Reaches Out – Australian Rock Band Uses to Reach International Fan Base Signal Room, the Australian rock band born on the set of cult science-fiction TV hit Farscape, recently embraced as the way [...]

50 /50 Split is Better Than Recording Artists Get! Long Live Authors!Spotted in the middle of the Random House announcement regarding a new “business model” for digital book content, under which the publisher will sell books to web retailers on a pay-per-view basis, was a promise to split revenues evenly with authors.Since standard trade contracts [...]

Will Pay Per View be as Poplular as iTunes?A new paradigm shift is taking place within major publsihers.It could change the way we access “specific” content within publications.No need to buy a whole book when you only want one poem or page or chapter.Random House, the world’s largest trade publisher, has laid out a comprehensive [...]