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Equity Crowdfunding and Regions

A hundred years or so ago regional funding was all the rage. Crowdfunding legislation is again looking at regions as one state after another legitimises intra-state crowdfunding. In the video below I detail the shift in funding from regions to one central point and back again. Stock Exchanges used to be primarily funding matchmakers The …

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Ironing with a coal iron

Ironing A chore to many, a vocation for others. Beautifully captured here by the meanest indian. Her blog is worth subscribing to as well! Just imagine ironing all the fabrics below with the iron above!

Fancy a stocktake?

Recently on Facebook I posted the following photo … It got a few comments. Space utilisation is excellent but imagine the annual stocktake? The shop was located on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ernakulam, Cochin in India.

Niche for Jaunted Love Presents

When break ups occur most women have some remnants of the relationship hanging around. Could be earrings, necklaces, rings or other jewelry given to them by an ex-boyfriend. Although these gifts were once treasured as objects of love once, the items become an irritating post-breakupreminder of a relationship gone bad. Fortunately, a new site offers …

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