Investor Aggregation for Capital Raising and the Campaign Approach

Traditionally investor aggregation at the IPO level often includes a well planned and well funded marketing campaign. However non-IPO raises seldom have as well constructed campaigns. Often the “rolodex” is the campaign. Go through the rolodex and do a one time communication, usually an email with an investment summary attached, to the target. In the …

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New Niederer Blog at Stitchwallah

Cousin Hilary Niederer now has her own blog. Stitchwallah! Hilary sources fabrics for costumes in films. As you can see in her IMDB entry she has worked with costumes in films like The Kite Runner, The Last Samurai, Kate and Leopold, Narnia and many others. Visit now to check out Hilary’s latest fabric discoveries.

Niche for Jaunted Love Presents

When break ups occur most women have some remnants of the relationship hanging around. Could be earrings, necklaces, rings or other jewelry given to them by an ex-boyfriend. Although these gifts were once treasured as objects of love once, the items become an irritating post-breakupreminder of a relationship gone bad. Fortunately, a new site offers …

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Game Publishers Embrace Advertising

Many people never see these advertisments. Some never will. They are in games, in virtual worlds like “Second Life” but they are growing at an alarming rate. So what types of opportunities are there for publishing adverts on-line? 1) In-game ads: Real Life ads on billboards etc in ganes 2) In-game interaction with ads: Purchase …

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Comics and Web Comic Self-Publishing

It’s so easy to get locked in to your own type of publishing. In my case it is book publishing having been a regular at the Frankfurt and Chicago Book Show for a number of years. It’s refreshing to see another publishing genre written about. This time it is comics. Webcomics online extra

Greenpeace to leverage via the internet

Online collaboration to help Greenpeace plan campaigns – Environmental campaigner Greenpeace has launched an online collaboration system to help activists plan events and action around the world. The community, called Melt, will provide a variety of tools to allow the sharing of information and strategies on green issues such as global warming. Rolf Kleef, the …

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