Technology Convergence

Last week I spoke at an Economic Development Conference. Here is a video of the presentation. My chief takeaway was that every village, town and city has a strong desire to support innovation and be a growing place for its present and future citizens. However there is little understanding of the radical changes that are underway [...]

Around the world there is little evidence that regulators can provide a regulatory environment to get traction in the investor aggregation space for retail equity crowdfunding raises under say $600,000. Even in the United Kingdom, where the regulator has allowed the industry to develop and has fine-tuned the regulations as they go virtually every raise [...]

Collaborative Investment was once the domain of Kings, Dictators and Industrialists. Once upon a time, before the 18th century, large scale financial and infrastructure endeavours were the domain of royalty and dictators. Things changed with the Industrial Revolution. This took place from the mid-18th to early 19th century in certain areas in Europe and North America. Industrialisation shifted this power [...]

Australia’s ‘Small Scale Offerings’ legislation combined with our regulator ASIC’s ‘Class Order’ or exemption to the rules regarding the promotion of these types of equity offers is, inarguably the first equity crowdfunding legislation in the world. Both the Small Scale Offerings legislation that was enshrined into our Commonwealth Corporations Act in 2000 and the ASIC Class Order [...]

Reading Bob Gottliebsen’s article on investing in shares in Business Spectator should have got you thinking. To an investor what does”Investing Productively” mean? Bob picked up the theme of my talk based on a blog post on capitalunderdogs which was that investing by individuals today is predominantly driven by charts, numbers, spreadsheets and stock picking software [...]

Brightcove’s video “self-publishing system” is in demand. Now Hearst Corp, Allen & Co, IAC, Interactive Corp and AOL are aligning with them. This shows that the convergence of traditional media and new media is gathering speed and urgency. America Online Inc. (AOL) struck a deal with a fledgling online video distribution system developer, Brightcove Inc., [...]

Reading this article on Virtual Business one wonders if the age old “penname” may eventually morph in to an Avatar. Maybe all of us will have a virtual presence that is an Avatar!Marketing to us will depend on which particular space we are in at the time.Virtual Business » Blog Archive » Marketing to Avatars

Seems like a paradigm shift to me. A bookseller selling groceries. But then it is not any bookseller. Amazom has the system, the customers and I guess a box of cereal is not much different than a book. Since the Grocery Store appeared in beta in late May, more than 200,000 customers have tested it, [...]

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