Dream Life Internet Publishing Event

Was invited to speak at Brett McFall’s and Tom Hua’s “Dream Life” Seminar today Sunday in Melbourne Australia. These are the guys that spearhead the World Internet Seminar in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

It was a great day and all the attendees, by way of their admission price got the Master Reprint and Resale Rights for 10 DVD’s from the recent Australian World Internet Summit Seminar.

These we are duplicating and we will shortly have an ORDER link on this site specifically for attendees. Our CD & DVD Duplication company will be handling this task.

They can be reached at http://www.dvdparrot.comIf you have any questions about your discs or how to order the next Blog post should have more details but in the meantime you can ring 0411 968 362

What is great about this event was that there was a room full of wannabe Self-publishers. During the day there was a wealth of publishing opportunities presented to them and all the entrance fees went to a local charity.

Way to go guys!