Equity Crowdfunding in China – Interview and Update

Here is a recent interview recorded in Beijing, China where I discussed equity crowdfunding and things to consider for the future.

Click on the image to watch this Equity Crowdfunding video recorded in China. NB: You need to wait 20 seconds for the advertisement to play before the equity crowdfunding in China interview begins.

, Equity Crowdfunding in China – Interview and UpdateThis week a Chinese cabinet document said China will promote greater use of equity crowdfunding for startups to encourage entrepreneurship in the world’s second-largest economy.

The Securities Association drew up  draft rules drawn last year, which detailed that equity crowdfunding projects must have no more than 200 investors. Investors must have 500,000 yuan in annual average income for the previous three years or at least 3 million yuan in financial assets.

Here is the link to the full article from Reuters

In China, I was surprised at how advanced they were with many aspects of the crowd economy. Platforms like Alibaba.com and We Chat have educated many Chinese in how to connect in a mobile dominated world. This also includes leaping over traditional banking structures and funding mechanisms that are totally mobile driven with no traditional bank functioning as an intermediary.

The China Crowdfund Society gathered some of the worlds leading experts for the seminar that was well attended by a hugely enthusiastic crowd. There was such a good feeling among all speakers and panelists through the whole event. What a great job Alex Lin did.

Jason Best, Paul Niederer, Scott McIntyre, Matthew Pinter, Simon Dixon, Drew Von Glahn, Scott Picken, Sydney Armani, Luke Deer, and Mark Mueller-Eberstein were the overseas speakers and panelists that flew in especially for the event.