Excerpt from Amsterdam Investor Presentation

For informal investors, investing in start-ups and young promising entrepreneurs is and always will be a risky business, especially in the current economic climate. However there are still business angels who are very successful in these unstable markets. But how do they do it? What is their secret?

This was revealed during Informal Investors Day 2013

Themed as Successful Angel Investing in Turbulent Times, Business Angels Networks the Netherlands organised the 10th Informal Investors Day on February 14th During this interactive and leading event on angel investing, business angels from
all over Europe will openly share their knowledge and experience and discuss the following items:

  • Outlook 2015: where is the exit?
  • Experiences of a European business accelerator with 100 start-ups 3 Crowd funding in Australia (125M raised for 200 companies)
  • Cooperation between European angel networks
  • Live funding of 5 carefully selected business cases 

The full video is in Dutch except for the part in the excerpt above.



, Excerpt from Amsterdam Investor Presentation