Organise your RSS feeds and Everything else!

In the middle of Alex Barnett’s blog entry on “Statcrunching” is the mention of Netvibes

Anything that grows at the rate that Alex has captured is worth looking at.
In terms of easily getting an overview of where my life is at I use ….

iCal on the Mac for calendar
Technorati for Bookmarks
Apple’s Dashboard for widgets etc
My Yahoo for RSS feeds

However with Netvibes I can integrate most of this in the one desk top.
Already, even after an hour I have …

1) Reorganised all my Bookmarks and have a nice bookmarks “cloud”
2) Have my eBay sales status ain a little box
3) Same page have both my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts with unread mail
4) Also have del.i.cious bookmarks in a box as they are a lot of extra ones I have
5) Have set up four tabs for RSS feeds to cover blogging, publishing, technology and others
6) Have my calendar there also

and the good thing is if I go to another computer when I’m travelling or whatever the same screens will be there. What a time saver and a brilliant leading edge solution.

Once you have added a new “box” to the page you can specify how many entries you want shown and also move the box around so that if you want your mail on the left and search and eBay on the right it is easily achieved.

It’s a true drag and drop format.

It’s a bit strange when you first go to the home page of Netvibes because there are no instructions you just have to get started.

This is an excellent tool with lots of enhancements in the pipeline.
Here is a snapshot of some of my first page to give you an idea.

, Organise your RSS feeds and Everything else!
The Blog page is even better because what use to take several screens in MyYahoo RSS reader now takes one!

, Organise your RSS feeds and Everything else!

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