Four Self Publishing Examples

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In the book, Lam also describes the minimum spiritual criteria and the necessary steps one must take in order to pass the Final Judgment and be elected for the next stage of human evolution: the Wisdom Era. Filled with messages of hope, reconciliation, love, wisdom, peace, and redemption, The Last Salvation: How to Prepare for Judgment Day and the Coming Wisdom Era will appeal to people from all walks of life and all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Judgment Day is Here and Now

Ba’qubah Iraq: On the Edge of a Triangle began as one soldier’s chronicle of events that occurred when his platoon was conducting operations in Iraq. As this chronicle grew, it became clear that the entries had the potential of influencing military operations in Iraq. Included in this book are daily records of our military involvement in this volatile and highly controversial engagement.

Military Log Analyzes Desert Operations in the Ongoing War in Iraq

More than two million people have flown on the Concorde supersonic jet.
Now that the Concorde’s been grounded, people no longer have the
opportunity to experience the magic and wonders of its flight. Or do
they? Author Amelia B. Eclavea has flown on the British Concorde, and
she’s about to give kids of all ages a “you-are-there” tour of what
it’s like to fly on a supersonic jet!

What’s it Really Like to Fly in a Supersonic Jet?

In professor Helen L. Erickson’s Modeling and Role-Modeling: A View
From the Client’s World, health care providers can explore how the
mind, body and spirit all interact to affect health and quality of
life, enabling them to better help their clients grow and heal.

What makes a great health care provider? Erickson takes a holistic
view, suggesting that optimum care requires an understanding that there
is a connection between mind, body and spirit. Using the Modeling and
Role-Modeling (MRM) theory, she emphasizes that caregivers must
discover the individual client’s perspective and model their care

A Professor of Nursing Examines the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection