Get your Book or Story in the News

If you ahave often wondered how to get a press release circulated on the web about your product or story then here is a good article about it.


There are a wide variety of places that will allow you to syndicate your press release. However, there are only a select few
that you really need to focus on. Here are some distributors that will help you get the exposure you deserve.


In addition to press releases, you can also get your content into Google and Yahoo news directly. If you publish frequent news
and articles, your site may very well qualify as a news source.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 50 million Americans get news online on any given day. In comparison, only 27 million Americans watch network TV news on a typical evening. The Internet is quickly becoming the preferred news source over television, magazines, and trade publications.

News web sites like Yahoo News, Google News and MSNBC Searchbot receive millions of visitors every day. If fact, Yahoo News ranks ahead of and even, while Google News ranks ahead of and the
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