Here’s the Subject of Your Next Book!

An excellent article by Silvia Hartman got me thinking.

Here’s the Subject of Your Next Book!

When people end up at your web site. It could have been a purposeful search totally congruent with your web site … or serendipity.

But if it was serendipity, what a great chance to satisfy their thirst, especially if it their search term falls in the area of your business, area of interest or next book project.

How many of us use the “Web Stats” that come with the hosting of most web sites. Most stats packages will tell you what the most popular terms were that brought people to your site. After reading Sylvia’s article I checked the stats for this site and found that my brother Louis Niederer was the most searched on term for those landing on my front page. While he is both younger and better looking I never thought that term was specifically bringing extra traffic to the site. Now that doesnt mean that I will write a book about Louis Niederer but if the term was say “eternal love symbols” which has nothing to do with Louis then this could be a good subject for an article, book or even a new product to sell! In your own site there will be terms that surprise you and if they are relevant to your business it may be worth putting up a whole page on the info people are searching on.

As in the article if “eternal love symbols” are now only a small part of your web site or business it may be time to beef this part up.

The market is talking to you!

Read this article it is excellent! “Google Feedback Loop”

Business angle? Check your Web Stats. Find a term that is popular. Develop an article, book, product around it. Build a page or two and grab more traffic and money!