How to Re-Build the Real Estate or Property Business Worldwide using Blockchain

How to Re-Build the Real Estate or Property Business Worldwide using Blockchain is a question many people are pondering.

Worldwide, one guy is way ahead in this area.

Scott Picken. Brisbane here is your chance to see him.

Scott recently shared his views in London, Dubai, New York and Atlanta. Now it’s Australia’s turn with one event only in Brisbane. This is due to Scott’s heavy travel schedule as an in-demand speaker. This week he is in Davos weaving his magic and next week he is in Brisbane.

Scott believes that whether you are a rice farmer in China, a rickshaw driver in India, a goat herder in Africa, or an investment banker in New York, everyone on the planet understands the intrinsic value of real estate and should have the opportunity to invest in real estate with a swipe of a finger from as little as $1.

Wealth Migrate has moved well down this path with average investment able to be transacted via the platform shifting from $100k to $50k to $10k to $1k and now beta testing is being done with $100. What makes this difficult in the traditional environment at the moment are the friction costs involved in transactions.

Direct real estate investment done locally — not to mention internationally — is known for its complexity, involving everything from maintenance (fixing broken appliances, renter complaints, etc.), to compliance, to bank accounts. In fact, according to 2010 research, more than 80% of investors who invested overseas actually lost money.

Blockchain promises to greatly reduce the friction costs in Real Estate transactions. But Blockchain is a lot more than that. Here are some areas worth considering for a start.

  • Digital identities on the blockchain can speed transactions
  • Blockchain transactions can be peer to peer cutting out middleman costs
  • Funds can be raised by using the Ethereum block chain for ICO’s and Token sales
  • Property records and syndicated ownership can be recorded and traded on the blockchain
  • Property can be purchased using crypto currencies like bitcoin

Wealth Migrate drastically simplifies the process, removing the complexities of taxation, access to real estate, structuring, “know your client” requirements (KYC) and “anti-money laundering” requirements (AML), real estate management and partner due diligence. Using Through Wealth Migrate’s Global Investment Due Diligence System (GIDDSTM) investors are provided with all the information required to make SMART InvestingTM decisions.

Investors sign up on the online platform, then provide documents for KYC and AML. Finally, investors add funds to their trading wallet/account (including Bitcoin) and start investing for as little as $1000 in any of the institutional grade assets available

Global company structures are not required, returns are paid as a dividend, and therefore tax is simple. Returns are paid directly into investor’s trading wallets, requiring no bank accounts. The low investment amount means that an asset portfolio can be globally diversified across countries, asset classes, and currencies.

You have a chance to see Scott Picken’s entertaining style and information rich presentation in Brisbane.

To date this event has been held in London, Dubai, New York, and Atlanta.

At the event you will gain a better insight into exponential organisations, blockchain, tokenisation and the opportunities disruptive technology presents to industries including the real estate industry and the potential of platform companies.

You will also learn who Wealth Migrate is and where they are going as a company. With the author and presenter Scott Picken you are guaranteed to have a lively and informative evening. You will definitely look at your own business differently after this event.

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