Investor Aggregation for Capital Raising and the Campaign Approach

, Investor Aggregation for Capital Raising and the Campaign ApproachTraditionally investor aggregation at the IPO level often includes a well planned and well funded marketing campaign. However non-IPO raises seldom have as well constructed campaigns. Often the “rolodex” is the campaign. Go through the rolodex and do a one time communication, usually an email with an investment summary attached, to the target. In the noisy marketing environment today this is often not enough to cut through and get the investment required.

A more certain approach is to conduct an investor aggregation marketing campaign.


An Investor Aggregation Marketing Campaign

There are three separate phases in an Investor Aggregation Marketing Campaign that is runs on a funding platform.

  1. Pre-Launch – Get ready
  2. Launch – Get Engaged
  3. Post Launch – Get Funded

Pre-Launch – Get ready

  • Plan – Choose the funding platform you are going to use, finalise the founder and new investor share structure, align your raise with a a big ideas like drones, robots, water, oil, macro economics, trends, china or climate change etc
  • Prepare – Finalise the company name and form. Write an offer document or information memorandum. Shoot your pitch video, populate your profile page and finalise your promotional calendar
  • Recruit – Find and recruit Ambassadors and Influencers for the raise
  • Attract – Let your contacts know that you are about to embark upon a capital raise. Invite them to follow your progress.
  • Enthuse – Keep your contacts updated and let them know when your raise is going live and communicate any news that enthuses them and makes them more likely to consider investment.

Launch – Get Engaged

  • Promote – This is where you start building buzz. Use your Ambassadors and Influencers to get the word out there and get people engaged in the raise. Empower Ambassadors and Influencers with materials to spread the word far and wide. Run Pitch events, investor meetings and get newsletters out.
  • Engage – Communicate regularly with your Ambassadors, Influencers and contacts. Any prospects that look like investing, schedule one on one coffee meetings to see if you can get them over the line. Communicate and celebrate milestones. Communicate any compelling events.
  • Accept – Receive and consider share application forms, update the progress bar on your profile page once funds are cleared and minimum targets are reached.

Post Launch – Get Funded

  • Deliver –  Communicate to the world the campaign was a success and send heartfelt thanks to your team, Ambassadors, Influencers and funders

A properly designed Investor Aggregation Funding Platform can be of great assistance in this whole process. If you need assistance in designing one please feel free to contact me.