iTunes in Google … affiliate action?

Seems linking to the iTunes store is going to increase tremendously.

Google links to iTunes are now able to top search terms.

Only other person I found blogging about this was Theresa Valdez Klein

iTunes comes up number one when Christine Aguilera’s number one song “Ain’t No Other Man” is entered into your Google Search bar.

Here is the iTunes number one tune located through a straight Google search on the song name!

, iTunes in Google … affiliate action?
Could be the new “iTunes” affiliate program that is driving this.

Imagine … now you can get rewarded for recommending music to your friends and contacts!

It is being operated by Link Share!
LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

They feature patented technology, and provide all the tools and services merchants need to create, manage and optimize a successful affiliate marketing program.

With over 10 million partnerships in the network it is the most successful pay for performance network of its kind.
Apple must have done their homework before agreeing to get Link Share to manage the iTunes affiliate program.

The iTunes Affiliate Program allows you to place links on your website to the U.S. iTunes Music Store. You can link to songs, albums, artists, audiobooks, popular public radio programs, podcasts and more. Earn a commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links posted on your website to iTunes

Once you complete the iTunes Affiliates registration form, you will receive an email from LinkShare regarding your participation as an affiliate in the LinkShare Network. Your email will contain your username and password. Within 3 business days, you will receive an email from iTunes regarding the status of your iTunes Affiliate Program application.

Once you have been accepted as an iTunes Affiliate, you will be able to access your account from using your LinkShare username and password. From there you can access all of the tools you will need to create links to iTunes.

Check it out here or in other words become an affilaite here!

If you dont want to become and affiliate just backspace in the URL bar until you have the main domain name. However, with iTunes now on Link Share, sign up you can have “What I’m Listening To Now” on your web page and when anyone else clicks and buys the album you earn dollars!
, iTunes in Google … affiliate action?