New Capital Raising Workbook

, New Capital Raising WorkbookI’ve been working on a new  workbook to go with my “Seven Stages of Raising Capital workshops”. It’s nearly there. The difficulty is in making a relatively complex process appear practical in a 2 hour time frame. The workbook will help as attendees can take their own business and work through the process.

I’m sending up the drafts to Cochin in India this week so they can complete the layout in time for the first workshop next Wednesday.

On the Tuesday I’m speaking at the Eco Innovation Forum. The topic is “Australian Small Scale Offerings Board – A Capital Underdog’s Guide to Raising Capital”. I’ll be giving a broad outline of the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform. Some successful Eco case studies and then a shortened version of the seminar on Wednesday in Sydney.

First time I’ve used Eventbrite and I’m impressed. Have my next three workshops on there.

Also a big congratulations to Jessica Watson. I particularly like this line from her ….

I have to  disagree with Mr Rudd I don’t consider myself a hero I’m an ordinary girl who had a dream. You just have to have a dream and set your mind to it.’’

During her circumnavigation of the globe she nourished herself on 10 different Easyfood meals.

Easyfood is presently on the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform.

, New Capital Raising Workbook