Now that MySpace is Number One Website What Does that Mean?

When NewsCorp bought MySpace for $580 million a year ago there were more than a few people that thought it was a bad buy.
Well … now that MySpace has passed Yahoo! as the biggest website worldwide the pundits are beginning to think twice.

According to the article linked below “MySpace is not going to be integrating into Fox Media, the Sun, The Times, or any of the other News Corp properties; it is just going to continue growing like topsy in its own way. This means somewhere in the
region of 160 developers and no content creation. This is an important omen for the rest of us: new audiences are not necessarily captured by the skills that worked best elsewhere and before. We may have solved many problems with technology, but not the fact that while platformsconverge, people don’t.”

So … in this new area there are different folks for different yokes!

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | Media ‘convergence’ is the buzz, but who knows what it means?