Open Source Journalism

Clyde Bentley,is an innovator and evangelist for what is often called citizen journalism. Some prefer the term “participatory journalism,” “open source journalism” or even just plain “journalism.” No matter what you call it, in practice it involves people of all ages and interests collecting, writing and publishing news, usually online, by and for themselves.

He has a nice twist to its usage though which goes a step beyond blogging.

The online version of the experiment,,
is an expansive collection of stories, photos, recipes, opinions,
how-to’s and celebrations of life created by and submitted by thousands
of contributors around the Columbia, Mo., area. With few exceptions,
every article or photo that is submitted is published online.

a week, the “hybrid” Bentley speaks of comes  into play when My
Missourian editors select the best content, which is printed in a
weekly edition that’s delivered free to every household in the
community. New models of online journalism put you in control