8 Year Old Self Publishes

Thomas Little, a home-schooled, eight-year-old boy recently became a published author. He used Lulu (www.lulu.com), a print-on-demand, self-publishing site, to publish “The Adventures of the Symbols,” his first–but not last–book. Characters such as “@,” “$,” and “%” engage in a classic struggle of good vs. evil. The 28-page story can be purchased at http://www.lulu.com/dlittle. Eight-Year-Old …

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VoIP over Wireless Network

Wireless networks just keep getting stronger. Telcos used be so secure in the knowledge that they owned the wires. But this data is not travelling down the wires! Qualcomm Successfully Transmits VoIP over EV-DO Wireless Network » Telecommunications Industry News

MySpace for Filmmakers

Interesting article on Myspace Film which hs been out since March 7th but hasn’t had much exposure. Great to see a collaboration vehicle between musicians and filmmakers! Search Engine Lowdown: MySpace 2.0: an Entertainment Collaboration/Distribution Network

Self-Publishing leads to Random House!

Not often you see a fiction book going through the trials of self-publishing including losing a “publisher” along the way. Here is a path that ends or should we say begins at Random House. Comic Book Resources – CBR News – The Comic Wire

Open Source Journalism

Clyde Bentley,is an innovator and evangelist for what is often called citizen journalism. Some prefer the term “participatory journalism,” “open source journalism” or even just plain “journalism.” No matter what you call it, in practice it involves people of all ages and interests collecting, writing and publishing news, usually online, by and for themselves. He …

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