Record labels Henry Ford devotees?

Never thought about it like Simon Caulkin did.

The form we got our music in was pretty much how they wanted us to have it. If you wanted a song that wasnt a single you had to buy the whole 78, 45, EP, CD, LP or whatever.

We have choice now as a consumer. Not only in how we obtain the music but whether we listen to it in our lounge or out running.

Even from iTunes you can burn to a CD in whatever format takes your fancy.

iTunes can rip music into many formats (AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV) from CDs

Caulkin states …

“Basically, the record labels are devotees of the Henry Ford business model: ‘You can have any music you want so long as it’s what I want to give you.”

This originally reported in the Observer and commented on in the MacDaily News

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