Self Publisher interview includes Lulu!

Karen Magill’s book “The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story” is featured in an interciew in American Chronicle and it also includes a section on her road to Self-Publishing.

Here’s just part of the interview.

“KM: I have learned that there is a lot more work to self-publishing than I first realized; but it is also a lot more rewarding. I am responsible for everything but it is also my choice. I get to have final say on the layout, the cover, everything. These can also be the drawbacks; it is so easy to forget one detail. Or to get mired down in one detail. Another one of the drawbacks are people’s attitudes towards self-publishing. They forget how many great authors have started out by self-publishing.

MdeF: Which authors are you talking about?

KM: If you go to my website, there is a page entitled “Who knew?” and you will find a whole list of big name authors who originally self-published. John Grisham and “A Time to Kill” just to name one.”

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