Thoughts on a $130 million Investor Crowdfunding model

, Thoughts on a $130 million Investor Crowdfunding model“I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB, the world’s largest equity or investor crowdfunding platform …..”  (Read more here) 

What was interesting about this interview was that Jonathon walked me through a series of questions that attempted to trace the journey a new raising would take through our equity capital raising platform.

ASSOB is by far the most successful equity based crowdfunding platform in the world. ASSOB assists small and medium sized business to sell equity (shares/stocks) in their business to friends, family, fans and followers of the business in a compliant and proven manner. Over $130 million has been invested in matters funded through the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform.

Stats can be seen here …

A recent comment in Forbes magazine was as follows.

Our best indication of how equity-based crowdfunding will work is to look at the places it already exists. We track the Australian platform ASSOB that was founded in 2005, so we have 6-7 years of data to look at. Through their platform, they’ve helped fund 176 companies so far. Nearly 6% have gone on to register on traditional securities exchanges and forty percent have exited through trade sales. But here is the real clincher: 86% of these companies are still in operation. Clearly, ASSOB has a long-enough history of successful funding to demonstrate that it can work.”

ASSOB is an accredited crowd funding platform with the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS)


, Thoughts on a $130 million Investor Crowdfunding model