Game Publishers Embrace Advertising

Many people never see these advertisments.

Some never will. They are in games, in virtual worlds like “Second Life” but they are growing at an alarming rate.

So what types of opportunities are there for publishing adverts on-line?

1) In-game ads: Real Life ads on billboards etc in ganes

2) In-game interaction with ads: Purchase Levi Jeans, Cadbury chocolate etc for your in game avatar

3) Sponsorship of MMOG events: Meaning a popular game may have a worldwide tournament with prizes which you can sponsor

4) Reality-based games: In game events that are cool like a U2 concert etc

5) Adverworlds: A virtual World with the intention of educating the player about your brand or product.

6) Real pizza in a virtual world: While playing you can order via the game a hot pizza delivered.

7) What would your alter ego do? A persons on-line avatar choices can be tracked for marketing. Likes and dislikes etc

8) The Gamer Generation (Gen G): This generation craves interactivity

9) Female gamers: Games like Second Life are attracting females in droves.Virtual Business » Blog Archive » Advergaming Opportunities