Why the world is flat!

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Why the world is now flat – JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM

THOMAS L Friedman’s is entitled, The World is Flat.

Flattener No 1: When the walls came down and the Windows went up
Flattener No 2: When Netscape went public,
Flattener No 3: Work Flow Software
Flattener No 4: Open-sourcing
Flattener No 5 Out-sourcing
Flattener No 6: Off-shoring
Flattener No 7: Supply-chaining
Flattener No 8: In-sourcing
Flattener No 9: In-forming
Flattener No 10: The steroids

The flattening of the world is
largely unstoppable. This holds out the potential to be as beneficial
to a society as a whole as past market evolutions have been. There is
only one message: You have to constantly upgrade your skills, or get
left behind. Understand these forces and benefit. Ignore then and you
will fall victim.